Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Currently

Happy November!! Here's a scary thought: only 8 weeks until Christmas!!

I am so thankful to have the craziness of Halloween week past us!  Linking up with Farley for this month's currently:

Listening: Parenthood, always always always my favorite.

Loving: Sipping my Starbucks out of a red holiday cup! It's almost that magical time of year!!

Thinking: That Halloween should NEVER be on a Thursday.  Friday morning candy breakfast makes for interesting days for the littles!

Wanting: leftover candy to disappear! I have zero self control and will continue to eat Reese's cups until they are gone!

Needing: to get over this first of the year sickness and catch up on sleep!

A Yummy Pin:
Apple Pie Cupcakes??? OH MY GOD. YES.

this screams: EAT ME.
Found this on Pinterest and is a recipe from Inspired Taste. Click on the image to visit their website.  They show pictures of their recipe steps which is SUPER helpful for bad cooks such as myself!

Thanks Farley for hosting such a fun link up!  Click below to join in on the fun!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Currently

October!! :)
 FALL weather is finally (almost) here, I am so excited to link up with Farley for this month's Currently!

Listening: The Voice! LOVE this show, makes me so happy and jealous of all of these beautiful voices.  Also...Adam Levine. More on that later.

Loving: I am DEFINITELY seeing some cooler weather (finally) in the forecast and am super pumped.

Thinking: My kiddos make me super proud and I just love my job, feel extra blessed this week for no particular reason.

Wanting: Halloween decorations, I never have enough!

Needing: a pedicure, pretty badly.

Treat: Adam Levine...a treat for the ears AND eyes.  Could you ask for more?

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Writer's Workshop. Anchor Charts and Binders.

We are BACK in the swing of things in Room 508.  All 22 of us! :)

We are especially loving Writer's Workshop.  I LOVE when my kids love to write! This is the anchor chart we created to start the writer's process.
1. Writer's think of a story in their head, they get a picture in their mind.
2. They draw the picture.
3. They write words to match the picture.

I have ALWAYS used folders to store our writer's workshop pieces, and every year the pages get crumply and messy and out of order.  I sprung for 1 inch binders this year and have LOVED how they are working for my kids.  They are more organized and it saves us both a lot of time during writer's conferences. Each student has a binder.

In that binder is a spot for completed stories, unfinished stories, and our alphabet link chart.  Students conference with me before adding a completed story into the rings of their binder.  They use the pocket of the binder to store an unfinished piece of writing for next time.  We use our alphabet link chart to help us write sounds of letters we do not know yet!  For my higher kiddos, they are using the back of the alphabet link chart for help spelling our commonly used sight words.

The kiddos store their binders in their cubbies along with their pencil boxes and they just grab them on their way to their seat when we transition into Writer's Workshop.

Hope that everyone's years have started out great!

Friday, May 17, 2013

2 more Fridays..

After today, 2 more Fridays in the school year.  I am SUPER jealous of those of you who are finishing school so much earlier than me! *POUT* But we are SOOO close to sweet summertime. 
Happy to link up this Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week's Five for Friday!! Click on the picture below to join in on the fun :)

1. Started off with an awesome trip to see my favorite sports team, the San Antonio SPURS!!! Mr. Rhodes did a great job supporting even though he was born a Rockets fan.. Proud of him for wearing a Spurs jersey although I'm pretty sure it killed him a little bit.. Games are always most fun to attend when your team wins, which is why I was super grateful that we didn't drive 6 hours to watch them lose! :) Here we are on the way there!

2. We rewarded ourselves for driving 6 hours in one day (ON A SCHOOL NIGHT) with a long stop at BUC-EE'S. Heaven on Earth.  Cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen in my life. The 50 different fountain drink options weren't bad either.. Look at all that beauty!

3. With all of the ADORABLE pins going around of people's Teacher Binders I just had to make my own.  I am a little obsessed with Washi Tape and it definitely shows on the cover of this binder..

4.  Already preparing for next year, half proud of myself, half ashamed of myself, but it's ok!  I updated my kindergarten information sheet that we have parents fill out before school.  Just as a quick reference page for any parent information I need! Click on the picture if you'd like to download it!

5.  Last but not least I found the CUTEST owl additions for my classroom this week, I can never have enough..

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!! :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday!!! Even happier to say that there are only 3 more Fridays left in the school year..YIKES.
Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 things that happened this lovely week in my class/home! Click on the picture below to join in on the fun!

 1. Started the week out right with a trip to my FAVORITE store, Lululemon :)  They sell work out clothes (yoga, running, cycling etc.) that are absolutely beautiful to look at.  I'm just a LITTLE bit obsessed.

2. In the classroom we continued to learn about adjectives as we used this anchor chart to describe a beach ball.  They were very creative with the words they came up with! We display the anchor chart that we just created for a few days to remember what our focus is, then it gets moved to the wall or ceiling.

3. We finished our Mother's Day projects!!! (finally..) We took pictures holding a speech bubble that said "I love you to pieces!" they glued all the puzzle pieces onto popsicle sticks that I had hot glued to create a make-shift frame.  Then they chose a color and we spray painted them. A lot of work, but totally worth it for our wonderful Moms!

4. I finally broke down and decided to buy myself some new running shoes!! AND I LOVE THEM (and not only because they were on mega sale.)

Here's a picture of me and the hubby trying them out on a run..looking very athletic..HA.

5. Also not school related, I had the best sushi of my entire life.  It's called the WWW Roll (already cool), and it is wrapped with cucumber, filled with grilled shrimp, crab, spicy tuna, and avocado! YUM YUM.

As always, thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Currently

YAY for MAY! SO ready for this Currently and the excitement of only 20 more school days before sweet summertime.

Listening: Maroon 5 on spotify.  Nothing better to wake you up!
Loving: My husband, he is wonderful and I appreciate everything he does for me.
Thinking: When May rolls around it always gets me thinking about how far my sweet kiddos have come! They are so smart and I'm sad (and happy) to see them go on to first grade.
Wanting: SUMMER. You get it.
Needing: to clean!!! My house AND my classroom.
Summer Bucket List: ALASKA.  My mom and stepfather just moved to Alaska and I absolutely must visit this summer, it is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. Anyone been??

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Back to Bloggy Business!

After what felt like the longest month of my life I am finally back to blogging!  A little over two weeks ago I was lucky enough to marry the best man in the world and with all of the wedding hoopla blogging had been moved to the back burner.  I went from a Ms. to a Mrs. and let me tell you it has blown my poor sweet kiddos minds.  I think they don't know what to call me half the time so they just look at me haha!!
I won't OVERload you with pictures but I've narrowed it down to my favorite 3 to share:

Well since it is officially/finally May I thought I'd share how excited I am that it is ALMOST summer.  My kids can tell because we are already writing about our summer plans.  The kids drew a self portrait and wrote about their plans for the summer or what they wanted to do over the summer.  Then they cut out the glasses and glued them on over their face.  This is my FAVORITE time of year because their writing has just sky rocketed to a whole new level of wow.  I am so impressed with what these littles are capable of and I don't know why it always surprises me.

Click on the pictures below if you'd like to use this with your kiddos.